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I cannot believe at first – it takes three minutes a day to do a forex trade and with the absence of the indicators.

The trading of difference currencies is known as Forex or Foreign Exchange. A successful Forex trader is usually equipped with the technical knowledge of the Forex market aided with the various indicators to help you maximize your profits. This is were this forex tutorial comes into play.

In Kiss Forex Trading, it is somehow very unlikely type of doing Forex. The Kiss Forex Trading features a Set & Forget system and Metatrader Expert Advisor (Forex EA). These concepts were conceived after years of studying thoroughly the Forex market. The author discovered the three predictable patterns and supplemented with the winning money management, these will be your passport to a profitable trading business in Forex market.

The Forex EA tutorial will advise you daily with the exact time you have to trade. Then apply the set and forget system. It means set your computer for the pending trade which takes only three to five minutes and you are off to be the next profitable trader. This Forex tutorial will give you the benefit of freedom as you don’t have to sit all day in front of the TV screen or computer monitor observe the progress of the currencies while examining the market condition.

The Kiss Forex Trading tutorial is a strategic way of doing trade business while it omits the constant thorough scrutiny of the indicators for your Forex trade. The increase in your profits is based on timing and market flow. It has only one essential instruction which is to put your trades in pending at a certain time provided by Forex EA and you are allowed for one trade per day only.

Though Forex is usually analyzed through consistent monitoring of the progress of the price currencies while having the ability to foresee any expected instability in the market condition, this Forex tutorial system has eliminated this very fundamental step in initiating Forex trade business.

Being accustomed in the fundamental step of Forex trading, it is quite a risk adapting the strategic Kiss Forex program. Though the lifetime membership cost only US$ 99 which includes any system upgrades but subject to change after 1st June 2008, it is still money worth investment.

The 100% money guarantee of Kiss Forex Trading for eight weeks is an indication that indeed it is a serious business proposal. You can evaluate that this works and if it doesn’t, your money will be returned. It is quite impressive as the usually 100% money guarantee policy gives you only a duration of one-month but with Kiss Forex Trading, it’s eight weeks.

Apart from money back guarantee, there are also additional trading systems bonus along with it. These are a step by step video guide to teach you the Forex Betting System, a free swing trade signal for members which will be sent on your e-mail, a program called ‘Cherry Picker’ which allows members to utilize it as defines market directional change and the News Trading Strategy that will help you understand how the forex market is affected in any current news.

A lifetime membership with Kiss Forex Trading is really worth an investment.

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