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Shopping for Forex Trading Books

There are numerous resources available in order to further master the forex trading craft. Aside from catching the latest economic developments in the Internet, newspapers, radio, and other forms of media, perhaps the best way to learn more about the emerging forex market is to continuously read helpful materials.

There are countless book titles from traders of all levels to choose from. These have helped traders become more successful in their day to day trading experiences by applying techniques and strategies that they have learned from books. These books have served to educate them in various topics surrounding the forex market. To help you shop around the latest titles, here are some handpicked websites that offer a wide selection of forex books.

Investor Book Store ( is the ultimate resource in the web concentrating mainly on forex trading books. This site offers highly recommended titles at affordable prices and even has book reviews and feedbacks from readers. Navigating in this site is also a breeze, just simply type “forex” in their quick search box or you can also use their “jump to categories” function search box to find related books to a specific subject interest. They also ship orders around the world and accept major credit cards.

Amazon ( is a comprehensive online shop that includes books as one of its main selling specialty. One search instantly leads you to 253 results on forex trading books for you to choose from. Titles ranging from “Currency Trading for Dummies” to “Forex Trading for Maximum Profit: The Best Kept Secret Off Wall Street” has got you covered to a wide variety of topics concerning the currency market. Every book has a detailed rating and it also offers insightful reviews from various readers. Clicking on a particular book title would also lead you to similar book recommendations which helps you narrow down other titles which are not of particular interest to you.

FXStreet ( is a great resource site in helping you pick a book title. The site has a featured book section wherein information about the author and the book’s synopsis are posted. It also has book sections with topics ranging from forex basics, technical analysis, forex strategies, market psychology, and education. Browsing in this site allows the user to surf easily from page to page because everything is organized and already arranged. This site merely provides book guidance and does not accept book orders but there is a link provided at the end of the page if you want the purchase the book, it will automatically redirect you to its book page.

Aside from these websites, you can also ask around your colleagues for their recommended titles and list down the books they have referred. This way, you get first hand feedback on what to expect from these books and this ensures that your money was well spent.

Research for new titles once in a while and take note of the books that pique your interest so that you can easily remember them the next time you are shopping around for books. It is never too late to start reading forex trading publications and now is a good time to start to gain more knowledge and expertise in the currency market.

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  1. milt tomkins says:

    Hello..I am just starting to learn to trade… I am looking for opinions on the best trading books… I have read Robert Dorfman’s Hedge Fund Trading Secrets Revealed , Jim Cramers’s Confessions of a Street Addict..(written before he got super famous) and Richard Arms’ Stop and Make Money: How To Profit in the Stock Market Using Volume and Stop Orders. All 3 are riveting and very informative and gave me info on how all this stuff works… Anyone have other recommendations?

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